Just Released! Miss Zukas and the Library Murders

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Miss Zukas and the Library Murders

By Jo Derekse

Meet Miss Zukas, the very proper, exceedingly conscientious, and relentlessly curious local librarian of Bellehaven, Washington. The Bellehaven police are baffled when a dead body turns up right in the middle of the library’s fiction stacks. But Miss Helma Zukas—who never fails to make note of the slightest deviation from the norm—is not willing to let this nasty disruption stand. If the local law can’t open the book on this case, Miss Zukas certainly intends to—with the help of her not-so-proper best friend, Ruth, a six-foot bohemian artist with a nose for gossip and a penchant for trouble. This is the first entry in the twelve-book series originally published by Avon/HarperCollins.

The twelve Miss Zukas books have been bestsellers on various mystery lists and in bookstores, including several months as the number one paperback for the Mystery Booksellers Association. The New York Times called the series, “A loving send-up of the prim and proper librarian” and the Toronto Sun said “If you enjoy a light-hearted mystery, you’re in for a good time.”