Just Released! Dragon Fights for Good: We Walk As One


Dragon Fights for Good: We Walk As One

by Maria Sansalone

Mark Mathews –

A proud Native American from the Mohegan Tribe of Connecticut. A young soldier, broken by injuries post-discharge. Mark has lost his connection with the Storytelling past of his people. Will he connect to Imagination in time to help save not one, but two creatures of mythological proportions—mythic creatures that he refuses to believe even exist?

Rose –

A fiery 90-year-young Italian grandmother and great aunt of many, Rose may be limited by her wheelchair, but her physical state doesn’t interfere with her ability to sense young William the Dragon and understand the need of his predicament.

Bella –

A young dreamer and artist, Bella firmly comes into her own through her drawing and Storytelling, her friendship with Mark and Rose, and her bond with young William the Dragon.

William the Dragon –

William is the reason all this trouble started. Well, not trouble, really. How much trouble can a 1000-year-old (not quite adult) part earth dragon part Celestial dragon running around loose in the human world actually cause anyway?

– Watercolor Art by Artist Frederick C. Wilda highlights this dragon fantasy featuring Dragons, of course! And humans, a volcano, and a long history of differences between dragonkind and human peoples.

– From the eagle of Aesop fables to the legend of Beowulf: A MODERN TALE OF DRAGON BATTLE and THE WORLD ACCORDING TO DRAGONS.

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