Just Released! I Have a Secret


I Have a Secret

by Cheryl Bradshaw

2013 eFestival of Words Winner for Best Thriller Novel

No one knows the value of keeping a secret more than former high school prom king Doug Ward. But after washing the past twenty years down with a smooth glass of whisky, Doug’s steely resolve has started to crack. And he doesn’t want to keep quiet–not anymore.

For Private Investigator Sloane Monroe, her high school reunion cruise has been nothing more than a mundane reminder of why she hasn’t returned to her hometown after all these years. Not much has changed, until Doug Ward goes missing. When dried blood is found on the deck where Doug was last seen, Sloane finesses her way into the surveillance room. There, on a small screen in black and white, she sees an image she’ll never forget: Doug being stabbed repeatedly, then heaved over the railing of the cruise ship, his body plunging into the icy depths below.

The reunion cruise ends, but before Sloane can book a plane ride to her past, another former classmate is murdered. In a town where it seems everyone is harboring a secret, how many more will die before Sloane uncovers the biggest secret of all?

Cheryl Bradshaw us a USA Today Bestselling Author.

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