Narration Demos

The Rocker & Ms. Chipper talk boys over breakfast 


Smart & Sexy Female Vampire: suicide prevention line worker 


Female Hijinks: Airhead, Old Sprite, Heavy & Socialite on a caper 


Mature Female & Elderly Male: you can’t pick your family ♀♂


The Straightlace & The Drama Queen discuss a murder 


Straight Read, Dark Comedy ♀♂


The Gossip & The Country Bumpkin play cat & mouse 


Keeping Up Appearances, Southern style 


Quirky Young Loser gets caught cleaning by her Deadpan Sister 


Creepy Male – Serial Killer, Thriller 


Hipster Dude & Fake Girlfriend quarrel over cough syrup ♀♂


Ballsy Female Sculptress greets her Loser Dad ♀♂



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