Praise for Femme Vocale

From Bestselling Mystery Author, Jo Dereske

I’m absolutely delighted…. It’s pure magic to me that the listener can identify each character’s personality so seamlessly, without being conscious that a switch has been made. Bravo.

I very much enjoy the timbre of your voice and your smooth narration and the occasional undertone of humor. Just a lovely, lovely read.

Thank you again. You’re wonderfully talented.

From Romance Novelist Verna Clay

Without exaggeration, you are the most talented narrator I have ever listened to. I am so blessed you chose to read my story. I love the characterizations!

[T]hank you from the bottom of my heart. You should win the academy award for narrators! You have a beautiful gift.

From Perfect Praise Publishing

You display … diversity of voices, professionalism, and clear talent for narration.