The Seductress

If you can’t beat ’em….

As we struggle through what I have sardonically dubbed the Summer of Construction surrounding our little studio here at Femme Vocale (sinking our narration business fairly into the toilet), Delphine – sagacious soul that she is – has taken a new tack and embarked on a writing venture in her natural genre of erotica.

Help me bid Delphine bon voyage and great success with the launch of The Seductress: Siren of the Seven Seas, to be released first as vignettes, then bundled as series on Kindle (audiobook format to follow the Summer of Construction).

Look for a first release in the heat of August….

The Seductress: Siren of the Seven Seas
(Vignettes of Voyages to Erogenous Zones)
by Delphine Ste. Sirène

Welcome aboard The Seductress: Siren of the Seven Seas, a ship that casts an evocative spell on her passengers, crew, and natives of the exotic lands she graces with her hull. Romantic interludes abound – at sea and in port – with Mme Delphine (part fortuneteller, part gypsy, part … well, madame, of sorts) conjuring an atmosphere steeped in erotic possibilities, as we sail from one Passion Port to the next.  For a voyage of sensual pleasure, where erotic fantasy blooms into reality … come aboard The Seductress.

Series One: Temptations on the Tyrrhenian
                      Passion Port: Rome (Maiden Voyage)

An ancient ritual in carnal Rome, the sinfully spicy southern Italian coast, the communes of exotic Corsica, and voluptuous vixens of a volcanic archipelago formed by the Demigod of the Winds promise a voyage of delights and discoveries: the Temptations of the Tyrrhenian Sea.


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